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Shrub Pruning & Aeration


Regular pruning and trimming of shrubs and trees is important to the health and well being of your foliage. Turf Masters has members on staff who are knowledgeable in proper pruning techniques for a variety of shrubs and trees. Trimmings commence twice a year, once in the mid summer and again in the fall to prepare the shrubs for the coming winter. 

Contact Turf Masters for a consultation and recommendations on how best to care for your shrubs. 


Aeration is a process in which cores are removed from the turf in order to allow more oxygen down into the ground. As a result removing the cores also improves compaction issues that may be present and can be an initial step preceding over seeding. 

Turf Masters aerates lawns in the fall to all the cores to breakdown over the course of the winter.

Call for a free quote.

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