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Trees & Shrubs

There are specific ways in which you should plant or trim you trees and shrubs, whether it be how aggressive to trim, what time of year, and whether work should actually be done or not. 


Turf Masters is here to offer its tree and shrub pruning as well as planting services. Working close and utilizing the vast resources of University of Minnesota. We can be sure to offer the insight and proper techniques required to keep your trees and shrubs looking healthy. 

Unsure about if you can plant certain shrubs in certain locations around your house? We can help advise and install the right shrubs for the right soil and light conditions that you have. There is no shortage of shrubs and trees that are conducive to Minnesota climates, but picking the right ones to succeed for your specific locations can be difficult. 

Call us for a free quote and insight as to how you can do it. 

Call Alex at 763.370.9039

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